If you think your mom overreacts just remember once my mom cancelled our trip to New York because I refused to eat the meatloaf she made

my mom accused me of selling my birth certificate and social security to the black market when she couldn’t find them

you win


cute things to call your girlfriend:

1. sugar 
2. honey 
3. flour 
4. egg 
5. 1/2lb butter 
6. stir 
7. pour into pan 
8. preheat to 375°


I wish the Broadway fandom was as big as, oh the Superwholock fandom, then when January rolls around, we could get all those “Hey Broadway fandom, you guys okay?” posts. Because no, we are not okay.

How to pick a college audition song:

  • Audition Coaches: It can't be from anything currently on Broadway
  • Audition Coaches: It also can't be from Les Mis, Next to Normal, Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Last Five Years, or Rent.
  • Audition Coaches: It also can't be something anyone who's famous on Broadway has ever sung... like Kristen Chenoweth, Patti Lupone, Sutton Foster, Idina Menzel, or anyone else you've ever heard of.
  • Audition Coaches: But make sure it's a recent song.
  • Audition Coaches: It'd probably be good if you picked something no one knows.
  • Audition Coaches: But make sure they know the song, so they don't get confused.
  • Audition Coaches: Anything in the last 4 years that's been popular is over done.
  • Audition Coaches: You should actually probably just write a song, that way you know it's not overdone.
  • Audition Coaches: But make sure it sounds like another song so the judges don't get distracted.